New Swivelling Cable connector option is now available!

Power Logic is pleased to introduce a new swivelling cable connector that is now available on selected products.

2) New Swivel Connector

All Products in the Slimline Range can accommodate the new swivelling cable connector for imput power.

There are 2 types of swivelling methods that you can choose

1) Standard Swivel


- Attached or built into the unit.

- Over-moulded to promote strain relief on the cable. - All swivels have the same electrical properties.

- Can accommodate dual power.

- Aesthetically appealing and typically used for on-desk units.

2) New Swivel Connector

2) New Swivel Connector


- Connector attached to the unit.

- Supplied with cable separately which enables better packaging and no stress on the cable. - All swivels have the same electrical properties.

- Can only accommodate one input cable.

- Preferably used for all under desk units.

For more information:

Please feel free to contact Power Logic SA directly for more information and advice on which swivel is best suited for each product. Don't forget to follow us on Social Media and browse our freshly designed website for information.

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