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Transformer PowerPack was designed for a Large International Company that required US Power for traveling staff.

A Separate drop lead, colour coded, to connect to the Transformer meant the Orion desk top power could be supplied with UK, Schuko and US Sockets with Dual USB Smart Charging.

Client:                Large International Company with offices in the US,                             Europe and the UK

Design Brief:    Desk top power module with clamp fixing. Sockets                               to enable staff and visitors from the US and Europe                             to connect their own laptops without the need for                               travel plugs/convertors. To also include Dual USB                                 Type A Charging points

The Product:    The slimline Orion desk top power module was                                     customsied to include 2 no. UK Sockets, 1 no.                                       European Socket with Dual USB Type A charging                                   ports to be fed from a 2mtr hardwired drop lead to                             a UK Plug and plugged in to floor mounted 240V                                 supply power box.

                           A US Socket to be fed via a separate 2mtr 14AWG                                 drop lead to colour coded connector and                                               connected a custom made transformer module to                               be housed below a cluster of 6 desks.
                           Custom made transformer with 6 colour coded                                   connector outlets converts 240V supply to 120V                                   with thermal Reset Switch protection


  • Strong and Robust case housing

  • Compartment for the Power Lead for safe storage

  • Removable handle

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